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iScratches April 21, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in iPods.

One of the things I like about the newer nanos, minis and the 2nd gen iPod shuffle is the hardiness and durability of the anodized aluminum casing. My video iPod is scratched all to hell, and is in need of serious plastic (acrylic) surgery; either that, or a good rub-down with some expensive restoring cream. Now I take care in bringing it with me so I don’t make the condition worse.

On the other hand, my shuffle goes with me everywhere. Since I am not as afraid of it getting scratched up like a vinyl record at the beach, it gets a good workout, jangling along with the junk in my pocket, swinging around on a lanyard or just bopping around with the owner the whole day just clipped to his shirt front. All in all it’s a tough little bugger; I’ve heard of stories from shuffle-owning friends where the pods inadvertently go through the laundry and come working like new, and sparkling clean to boot.

Sad to say, it’s apparently not that durable, cosmetically speaking – while the case seems tough as nails, after a few months of heavy use, it’s the label on the back of the clip with the Apple logo that starts to look bedraggled first. Since it’s just painted or layered on, this isn’t surprising. It’s bound to get scratched off eventually, but it’s a bit depressing to see when it starts happening:

It doesn’t look too horrible in the picture – the lighting washed out the scratches a bit too much – in real life the scratches look a lot worse, believe me. I bought a set of rubber casings for it soon after I got the shuffle, but while it covers the main body of the little iPod, it leaves the whole clip bare and wide open to nasty shirt buttons, coins and keys in pockets and to the elements in general. Apple, take note.

Just a little reminder to take care of your 2G iPod shuffle a little better if you have one or get one in the near future. It’s not that indestructible.



1. Maddie Velez - April 22, 2007

I love my new iPod shuffle. And I would say it’s because of your posts about it that made me get one.

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