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Shuffle Love April 22, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Accessories, iPods.

I love my shuffle. If I could afford it I’d buy one in every color. Except maybe the pink one.

My problem with it is that being such a tiny little thing, it can’t play with its regular dockable cousins’s toys; the shuffle connector uses a dock-let for charging and syncing, with a little proprietary jack sticking out, and whole thing has its own USB cord. You can’t use any of the gazillion accessories made for the dockable iPod big boys. You’re pretty much stuck with what comes in the shuffle box.

Well, it seems the nice folk over at Griffin Technology love the iPod shuffle more than I do, because they made a fantastic little thing that makes me love Griffin more than I already do. They made a Dock Adapter for the shuffle!

It’s a little plastic thing that you set into the receptacle of a regular dock-enabled accessory, then you just slot in the shuffle onto it. Simple and ingenious, really. And it features a little switch that shifts you from audio playback to charge/sync depending on your need. Now the wide, wonderful world of iPod accessories is open to shuffle users.

Imagine an Apple iPod Hi-Fi speaker fitted with this thing; the shuffle will look like an insignificant little nubbin on top of this thing as it feeds the big monster speaker with audio. Niiice.

The Dock Adapter costs $19.99 and will be available at the end of May, but you can pre-order now from the Griffin website. Methinks I’ll get one.



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