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Conundrum April 24, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Wala lang.

This isn’t anything significant, or worth much of your attention, or even Mac-related. It’s just so damned Twilight Zone-ish I felt compelled to mention it here.

I’m just amazed at the inherent paradox and Escher-loop oddness of this particular torrent I found this morning on Mininova – it’s the one that says “FAKE, DO NOT DOWNLOAD”, if you can read it. Apparently this one is so fake it’s even 706mb big.

So what the heck is it supposed to be? What is it a fake version of? Do I have to download it to find out? But it clearly says do NOT download. And what could it be that it’s even over 700mb? A movie? An app? Do I let my curiosity override the obvious warning? If it’s not supposed to be downloaded then why even put up the damned torrent? Or is it some trick, some double-blind guessing game that would reward the overly curious or the overly dumb? Or is it an obvious prank or trap, something to drive someone like me who had to come to work extremely early because of the car coding ban and has nothing better to do than idly surf while waiting for the rest of the office to come in stir-crazy?

Clearly there’s already one crazy leecher getting the thing. Do I succumb too and join in? Make it a party?


And don’t get me started on the ones just below it – “VIRUS”?



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