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iDols April 24, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in News, People.

Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive are in the top ten of the shortlist for Time Magazine‘s 100 most influential people of the year. This being a Mac/Apple blog, I don’t think I need to explain who these two guys are and why they are on the list.

It’s interesting to note Ive’s influence on design globally; the man responsible, as Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design, for the Apple look and feel evinced by the iPods, iMacs and the forthcoming iPhone, among other things. It’s also interesting to note that at the moment Ive is ahead of Jobs in the list, garnering an average reader rating of 89/100 in terms of importance.

Time Magazine’s annual listing creates a 200-person shortlist, and as it stands as of this writing, Ive is #7 coming right before Bono and after J.K. Rowling. Jobs is #10 after Angelina Jolie and before Warren Buffet. No. 1 is Stephen Colbert, for now.

By the time you check, though, the list will have adjusted and the positions moved. The final list is still in flux, and we’ll know the actual rankings in two weeks. In the meantime you can monitor the list and vote by going to the Time Magazine website.


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