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True Tech Stories May 3, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Issues, People.

As Editor-in-Chief of Mobile Philippines and former EIC of PC Magazine Philippines (yes, Mac fanboy, I was – don’t shoot me), I feel keenly about honesty and integrity in doing reviews. It’s a tough balancing act, believe me. But no compromises if push comes to shove.

The award-winning 12-year-running Editor-in-Chief of PC World Magazine in the United States, Harry McCracken, resigned yesterday over disagreements with his publishers regarding stories that criticize advertisers, according to Wired. Apparently McCracken’s boss, CEO Colin Crawford, killed a story still in draft form because it was criticizing a client. McCracken wouldn’t hear of it and resigned. Bravo!

So why is this story of the PC World editor quitting his job in a Mac blog?

The story that was killed was Ten Things We Hate About Apple.


The story was supposedly “light fare, just really innocuous stuff. The same kinds of things that people have said about Apple before — things that teased Steve Jobs,” according to the Wired source. The backstory gets even more interesting. Crawford, who has just been with PC World for a month, was former CEO of MacWorld (which is part of IDG, the same company that also owns PC World), and according to other sources, back then was called up by Steve Jobs every time there was a story critical of Apple. The plot thickens.

I don’t really know what to make of this yet; all I know is it’s sobering to see the dark and ugly side of our little world.


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