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Get ready for the iPhone accessory avalanche June 11, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Accessories, iPhone.

With the arrival of the iPhone on June 29 comes an assault of third-party accessories from screen wipes to cases to skins to adaptors – everything you can think of. If you thought the volume of iPod accessories was becoming ridiculous, wait until the iPhone stuff gets here.

Already, major companies are readying their stocks in anticipation of the release, not to mention the fly-by-night Asian manufactures (which we wrote about earlier here and here). It’s an attractive, irresistible market for them, since Apple projects sales of 10 million units by the end of the year (an initial 3 million on release). It’s anybody’s guess in 2008, when it gets released in Asia and other markets. And since the iPhone at its core is essentially an iPod as well, a lot of the existing iPod accessories get a chance at a sales renaissance with a bit of creative repackaging.

Companies like Marware, Griffin, Radtech, Belkin and a host of others immediately began working on their products after the announcement of the iPhone in January, even if they had next to no information on it other than the crumbs Jobs threw out at the Macworld Keynote. I can imagine their collective anxiety at bringing out items that may or may not actually be on target. (Rest assured that when they get their hands on actual units you can expect a second wave of more specific and useful items.)

Speculative moves like these often border on the ridiculous, and you can’t help but be amused at the effort some of the companies put into these imaginative products. A good example is Boxwave‘s hopefully optimistic Apple iPhone Accessories Page (“Award winning accessories for the iPhone.”), which includes cradles, mounts, chargers, sync cables, skins, leather cases and sleeves, screen protectors, car and battery adapters. You’d think they knew something we didn’t.



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