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iPhone Guided Tour video (25 minutes!) June 23, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Uncategorized.

A week before the release, Apple turns up the heat even more on the iPhone. Now there’s a big-ass 25-minute iPhone Guided Tour video available now on the Apple website.

You can view it in the usual sizes (S/M/L), and there’s a convenient download link (173.7 MB for a zipped 25-min 848 x 480 QT vid!) It’s certainly damned better than any 30-sec ad; it’s 24 mins and 30 secs better, actually. Talk about overkill.

It’s freakin’ detailed! Everything you want to know is there, plus specific, close-up looks at the parts, and how they work, with all the features explained in detail with step-by-step demonstrations. This video removes all the gray areas and works as a full-fledged virtual manual for the thing, and talks about things we didn’t know yet (like you get a stereo-microphone headset in the box, and can view Word and Excel files on the phone). Everything’s there, from using the basic phone functions to selecting from several preinstalled ringtones to using Airplane Mode and much more. It’s the closest thing to actually having one in hand.

Didn’t think this level of detailed show-and-tell would come out this soon, but I’m not complaining. (Maybe it’s just me, but something strikes me odd about the host of the tour; he looks real enough, but he also looks a bit CGI. Maybe it’s my meds.)

I know, I know. Go get it then. It’s OK. I’ll wait for you here.



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