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Password problems June 23, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Operating System, Rants, Updates & Patches.

Strange mojo happening on my system lately.

I just ran the Safari update a while ago, and before it started, the OS asked me to authenticate with my password. So I type mine in. Error. I do it again, thinking my fingers stuttered on the keyboard and mistyped a key. Error again. Hmm.

I set everything aside to concentrate on typing it precisely, making sure the Caps Lock was off. Error again. Uh-oh.The system then says I’ve tried too many times and snottily casts aspersions on my identity. The only good thing was that it brings up a password hint, which I thankfully provided myself ages ago in the event of something like this happening. But before exploring my options, I run RDP first to try and iron out whatever kink was keeping me out, but it didn’t work.Like most people with faulty memories, I just rotate a few inscrutable passwords for my many different logins, and I was hoping one of them would work. Because if none of them did, the alternative would be a nightmare.Thankfully, one did, an old one I hardly use. I wonder how it got switched, and where the OS found the damned thing. Good that the password worked, but the question remains: why did this happen in the first place anyway?

That question loomed large in my head because the update required a restart, which I had to put off because I realized that if I encounter the password screwup at the bootup screen and the new-old password doesn’t work, then I’m up the creek without a paddle. I take the plunge and restart. Sure enough, the regular password still doesn’t work, but the replacement I stumbled upon does. Later, I run Applejack and my other utilities, but nothing fixes it.

Damned odd: essentially, the system changed the old password to an even older obscure one for no reason at all. Surely the recent OS X update was the cause of the problem, but I have yet to find other instances in the wild. Could be an isolated thing, but as the expression goes, you can never can tell. Will check on the usual sources and see. Just wanted to caution you folk; if you have similar experiences, chime in please.



1. Maddie - June 25, 2007

I’m not sure if this is similar or related to your problem but i had a password problem before while setting up my dsl account. i was wondering why i couldn’t connect to our dsl properly inspite of resetting the router, airport extreme etc. Apparently, the computer (PowerMac G4) didn’t recognize the new password of the new dsl account inspite of creating a new account what have you and would only respond to the first and old dsl account which we had disconnected in our previous residence. Obvously the PLDT DSL tech didn’t know a thing on how to handle Macs so we had to wait for the Apple Center tech to fix the problem. It took quite a while for him to figure it out, too. It’s i good thing I scribbled all the old passwords as well.

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