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Initial iPhone Reviews: The floodgates open June 27, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in iPhone, News.

The review embargo has been lifted for the iPhone! Two days before release, the word is, literally, out. Some prominent examples:

Walt Mossberg

New York Times

USA Today

David Pogue


General consensus is, it lives up to the hype, with some reservations. Most notable are: no MMS; no voice dialing; the OS takes up nearly 700mb of the storage space; ringtones are proprietary – you can’t use that Macarena clip you love so much, but there are 25 to choose from at the moment with more to come; you can’t copy or paste text (huh?); it syncs with Outlook; it is amazingly scratch-resistant; the battery life is as promised; there is no option for expandable memory; the battery is sealed inside – once it goes, you have to send it in to Apple to be replaced; it takes snaps, but not video; voice quality is good; it’s a full-blown, fantastic iPod; iTunes games are not compatible, and; I still can’t get one.

More reviews coming. Apparently a lot of folk had one, but were honoring the NDAs. Sneaky devils.



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