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iPhone autopsy June 30, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in iPhone.

More iPhone craziness. When everyone on the entire planet is desperately wanting to get one but can’t, some guys in the US bought a couple, then proceeded to immediately and systematically take apart a perfectly new and perfectly working unit. And take pictures. Gulp.

(What I want to know is, can we see if we can swap GSM SIM cards on this thing? *wink wink* )

See these wonderful lunatics over at ifixit.com.

Look if you dare.

UPDATE: The ifixit page is a work in progress (they update the page as they go along) – and it’s just been a few hours since they got the phone. Apparently my question’s just been answered – it looks damned difficult, but entirely possible. See the pic below, upper left – the Cingular SIM! I think a Globe, Smart or Sun SIM would look pretty at home there. Now the next question is, can we activate it through iTunes with an alien SIM inside? Better question is, do we need to? (Hey, purely theoretical discussion here, folks. Just some geek talk. Don’t mind me.)

UPDATE II: Was watching an excruciatingly-difficult-to-watch episode of Systm, where host David Randolph and guest host Leah Culver (who’s a dead-ringer for Veronica Mars’s Kristen Bell) of Pownce stress-test, torture and take apart an iPhone literally minutes after they buy it (stuff like dropping it onto the pavement from six feet up, or deliberately scratching it up with keys), and found out that you can after all just pop out the SIM card by pressing down on a teeny-tiny recessed button on the top of the unit. (By regulation, it has to be removable anyway.) This fact is probably somewhere in the downloadable manual, which I have yet to read. Good to know.



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