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And so the tackiness begins… July 1, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Accessories, iPhone, Lifestyle.

The following morning after its release, hundreds of thousands of bleary-eyed new iPhone owners who spent most of the night tinkering with their new toys (or trying to activate them) woke up to a whole new post-iPhone-release world where new variations on old accessories have sprung up overnight like mushrooms, and whole new species of money-wasting add-ons that may or may not be useful have appeared on the net.

Check out for example the website of a company called iStyles to check out their gallery of 76 new iPhone skins priced at US$7 each. The pink one pictured above is particularly fetching to some iPhone demographic that includes jailbird Paris Hilton, I suppose. (Why someone would obliterate the visual goodness of movies or iPhoto albums on the screen with a gaudy pink floral pattern is beyond me.) Or check out the hand-carved wooden iPhone cases called iWood (of course) from Miniot. (Don’t know how this would help the iPhone’s longevity, since according to reports it runs pretty hot. Or how hard it would be to flick through your coverflow albums with a splinter in your finger.)

Apple’s released a special logo that will appear on certified and authorized third-party accessories, so you’d know you’re buying kosher gear, but I doubt that we’d see this on most of the accessories at your neighborhood geek mart. Apple has also said that most existing iPod accessories that utilize the standard 30-pin connector will in all likelihood work with the iPhone, although it’s your call; if it messes anything up, you’re on your own. That’s a bit of good news at least.

Elsewhere, parasitic ride-on businesses are in full gear – like the normally erudite and entertaining David Pogue of the New York Times is showing his creepy-quick entrepreneurial acumen in announcing next month’s release of his book iPhone: The Missing Manual. (Preview here.) Also, the massive domain land grab is still in full steam, with every permutation and combination of every word in the English language coupled with “iPhone” has been bought and promptly squatted on.

Welcome to our brave new world.


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