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Microsoft employees line up for iPhone July 1, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in iPhone, Microsoft.

It’s interesting how iPhone gadget lust levels have affected people from all walks of life – and affiliation.

Even Microsoft employees have been discovered sheepishly lining up to get iPhones last Friday, some refusing to give their names and some defensively giving excuses that they were buying iPhones for “competitive research”, according to a PC World story. Hey, it’s ok. We won’t tell Bill. (He’s probably got one already.)

A lot of interesting side stories have developed around the phenomenon, one of which is about Newsweek‘s Steven Levy being interviewed with his iPhone on live TV when a dumbass snatcher tries to grab his unit (on cam) but instead makes off with the Fox News newscaster’s microphone. Later, the guy proves just how big a dumbass he is by returning to the scene of the crime and promptly gets arrested by the cops. Doh. (All this is of course recorded for posterity on the net here and here.)

One of the more amusing stories I’ve come across is this guy in Dallas who was first in line in a store who amazingly got his iPhone for free and got extra cash for his trouble. A woman came in 15 minutes before the 6pm release sked and offered to buy the guy’s place in line for US$800. She had wads of cash and was intending to buy out the AT&T store’s entire stock of phones so she could sell them on eBay at a profit.

Mark Rebillet, no idiot he, agreed, and the woman got in ahead of everyone else, only to be told when the doors opened that AT&T was limiting sales to only one unit per customer so that there was enough to go around.

Mark had three friends lined up a little ways down the line who were only intending to buy two phones, so he got the third guy’s spot in line, bought his phone using the woman’s money and used the rest to stock up on iPhone accessories. Hee hee.

This heartwarming fable of Modern American Consumerism is also on video at the MyFox Dallas website.



1. tester - July 4, 2007

this mark in Dallas, I know him. the whole story is an Apple media scam. the woman was an employee of Apple. Mark was happy to get the money still tho

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