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Postal goes Universal Binary July 2, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Downloads, Games, Updates & Patches.

Everyone’s favorite classic paranoia kill-em-all game, Postal, has just been given a new lease on life as a Universal Binary update. Postal Dude can go postal once more, this time on Intel Macs all over the place. This 10-year-old classic was both hailed and reviled since its release in 1997, for obvious reasons. It’s the only game that gives you “Mass Murder Opportunities” like mowing down marching bands, spraying protesters, or charbroiling whole towns.

The game description goes:

After coming home from work to find his house repossessed, the player-character, known as Postal Dude, decides that everyone is out to get him and goes… well… postal. He figures that everyone in town has been infected with something that makes them all psychopathic killers. Paranoia can be fun. The game gets under way with Postal Dude standing outside his home, unable to get inside but armed to the teeth nevertheless. Go figure. Moving from one surreal landscape to the next, you must make use of the twelve weapons at your disposal in order to dispatch anything with a pulse. The goal in each of the 16 levels is to off a given percentage of the “hostiles” (that is, cops, soldiers with missile launchers, rednecks with huntin’ rifles, etc.) without getting killed yourself. Pretty simple, really. There are no magic power-ups, no special abilities – just you, your arsenal, and the occasional Kevlar vest or first-aid kit.

A younger me had hours of unbridled, murderous fun and let me work off lots of aggression back in the day. I don’t think the present me’d be comfortable playing this one any more, but you can give it a shot, so to speak.

This update is entirely a digital download that goes for US$10 at the MacGameStore website. You can get Postal here.



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