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Mac Guy refuses a free iPhone July 3, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in People.

Justin Long, the young actor we all know as the Mac Guy, turned down an offer of a free iPhone from Apple, saying that he’s afraid he won’t know how to use it.

Apparently Long isn’t as tech-savvy as his loved-or-hated Mac commercial character would have us believe, and he freely admits it. In a recent newspaper profile and interview in connection with his forthcoming appearance in the Bruce Willis epic Die Hard 4.0, he says he knows how to download music off the internet and can just barely run iTunes, but that’s about it. “I’m really, really bad with gadgets and any kind of computer thing.”

Long plays a computer expert against Willis’s Luddite cop character John McClane, but the truth is apparently reversed in real life, where Willis is the tech guy and rabid Mac fanboy. “And the funny thing is, Bruce knows far more about computers than I do and was always on the computer, working the webcam,” he said in the interview. John Hodgman (left), who plays the PC Guy, is an acknowledged techhead in real life as well.

Getting a hacker role in DH4 certainly won’t help his image. People often come up to him and try to get tech advice that he can’t answer. “It always takes me a couple seconds to adjust to the fact that I’m in the Mac commercials, and they really, genuinely think that I am also like an expert,” said the 29-year-old actor we know best as Warren Cheswick in Ed and the brother in Jeepers Creepers.

He’s a better actor than we give him credit for. Read more in the Washington Post interview.



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