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iPhone Quick Facts July 4, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in iPhone, News.

At the risk of turning Mac-A-Doodle into iPhone-A-Doodle (ugh), here are a few interesting factoids I’ve come across regarding that damned thing which I am seriously starting to get sick of even if I don’t yet have one:

  • some reliable estimates put it that a little over 700,000 units were sold over the iWeekend. If Apple and AT&T hadn’t put limits on purchases, I daresay they could’ve sold a little more. In three days, Apple had surpassed AT&T’s sales of the Motorola RAZR in its first month of its release. According to reports a million iPhones were allocated for the launch. More details here;
  • analysts have determined that actual cost to produce an 8GB iPhone is US$220; a 4GB unit costs US$200. Details here. Apple, shame on you;
  • hackers have kracked that leaked OS restore image mentioned previously and posted the root and user passwords (which I won’t pass along for obvious reasons);
  • Stevie finally got the domain he’s always wanted – iphone.com – but at a price. The domain squatter, Michael Kovatch, who got the name twelve years ago got an undisclosed seven-digit amount from Apple to buy the name. Michael can expect to buy his fill of iPhones with that amount. With change. Expect to change your urls soon.


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