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Unlocking the iPhone #2 (for free!) July 4, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in iPhone.

Found this trick out in the wild earlier but have been sitting on it, wondering if it’s ethical to post the damned thing. Then I found it on some other forums, and then later on Gizmodo as well, and I thought, what the heck. (Also, I didn’t feel right posting it because I didn’t want my friend to feel bad that he could’ve saved his US$200.)

Anyway, this method, while skipping the prepaid activation fee, has its own unique requirements, which may be more difficult for those outside the USA. For it to work you need two iPhones and an authentic US cell phone number from a provider other than AT&T. Some folk claim that a similar trick involving just one phone works, but they provide no details.

Once again, may I remind you that doing this will be at your own risk, and most definitely will void your warranty and not save your butt if something goes wrong. Caveat hacker.

1) Obtain two iPhones
2) Plug in iPhone #1. In iTunes select “I am a new AT&T Wireless Customer” and “Activate 2 or more phones on an individual or FamilyTalk Plan.
3) Follow the steps for the FamilyTalk plan and enter “xxx-xxx-xxxx” to port a number over from another provider (e.g. Sprint).
4) When the you receive the “Activation Complete” e-mail, plug in iPhone #2.
5) Select the option “I am an existing AT&T (Cingular) wireless customer” and “Replace a phone on my account with this iPhone
6) Fill in the information re-using “xxx-xxx-xxxx.” Allow iPhone #2 to activate using this number. This number will be legit.
7) Plug in iPhone #2. iTunes will unlock the phone for use, but without a cell phone number assigned or account from AT&T.



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