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At least you can have the ringtones… July 5, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Downloads, iPhone.

Some kind soul (a blogger named Jason Romero) is sharing the default iPhone ringtones from his blog. At least those who can’t get an iPhone yet can pretend they do by using the ringtones. If you don’t have enough self-respect to resist this pathetic consuelo de bobo, you can download the tones here. It’s 25 tiny MP3 files in a 2.1MB zip. Besides, you’re sick of the Marimba ringtone already, right?



1. i-mater Jasjar - July 17, 2007

Not Bad for a free ringtone though. My Jasjar costs a thousand and fourteen dollars, who needs a 600 dollar i-phone anyway? Though i was wondrin’ what’s all the buzz regarding an “i-phone”? who needs a cute looking phone with no tuning options for it? No disrespect but, there are better Gizmos you can get on this range. what the hell is goin on!? nad yeah. i downloaded the tones also to make fun of the people who though they discovered “eternal life” with the i-Phone.

– TougeMonster

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