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Buzzed out loud! July 6, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in iPhone, Meta, Podcasts, Wala lang.

Coolness. Just thought to mention that I was mentioned on Buzz Out Loud, CNet’s Podcast of Indeterminate Length, Episode #509 for July 3.

Sent them a quick email the other day about my friend who activated the iPhone here in Manila, and figured they might want to report on it, and the next day it was there, a short mention near the end. Nice and quick. Being a long-time fan, I was thrilled to be part of the show in my small way. I used to work in FM radio for nearly two decades and have hosted my share of talkshows and podcasts too, and I feel a kinship with these kooks.

Gave me a spike in hits too, since they posted a link to this site on their Show Notes page. Hee hee hee. Wala lang.

Thanks, Tom, Molly and Veronica (Jason too)!



1. Ronnie - July 6, 2007

I did hear Tom Merritt mention about it on the podcast (IIRC, he mentioned that it was a Filipino who did it) and wondered who tipped the info to them. Since I rarely look at the show notes I didn’t know that you were the one. Congratulations, then!

2. reverseengineer - July 7, 2007

Thanks! Kulang lang yata ako sa pansin.

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