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Updated signs of cracking July 7, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Hacks, iPhone.

As mentioned in the previous post, Version 1.0 of the iPhoneInterface tool has been released. It’s as rudimentary as expected, and for now Windows only.

Notes from the developers:

We have successfully written a tool named iPhoneInterface allowing for some basic manipulation of things on the phone, and are releasing it tonight. We are including source code so you can understand the techniques we have used so far. We will be expanding the functionality of this tool significantly tomorrow. The best news is that we have prototype code that allows the ability to:

  • Run any desired application already residing on the phone.
  • Control what processes run on the phone (currently implementation is very hackish)
  • Move files around on the phone
  • Enable viewing of verbose information during the restore process
  • Activate the phone without iTunes and without a token

Note: Not all of the features listed above are necessarily included in tonight’s initial release.

We are continuing significant work on this tool and will probably have similarly worthwhile updates tomorrow.

Basic command set:

help – help services and help values
ls – list directories
cd – change directory
mkdir – make directory
rmdir – remove directory
deviceinfo – get device info
fileinfo – get file info
readvalue – read a value
activate – activate iPhone with plist
deactivate – deactivate iPhone
startservice – start service on iPhone
enterrecovery – Enter recovery Mode
quit – exit shell

The Windows version can be found here:

(Updates from iPhone Hacking News.)



1. Allan - July 7, 2007

I can see it now….open-line iphone 😀

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