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TIP: Secure your GMail Notifier July 10, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Hacks, Security, Tips.

If you’re like me, with no push email on my phone but still obsessive about getting the latest from your Gmail inbox, you probably use Google‘s freeware GMail Notifier, which updates you as to what’s new as it arrives.

Imagine my horror when I discovered that the Notifier sends your password out in clear text every time it accesses your inbox over the net. Thankfully, I found this out at about the same time a tip was being shared to shut down this loophole. The tip is so useful I can’t resist passing it along.

Here’s what you do, courtesy of a comment by poster Highplace on an O’Reillynet.com thread and repeated on macosxhints.com:

Pull down the Notifier menu (either Calendar or Gmail), hold down Command and Option, and click Preferences on the menu. You’ll see a hidden settings editor. Enter ‘SecureAlways’ in the Key field (upper and lower case must be entered as shown) and 1 in the Value field, then click Set. Quit Notifier and start it up again. From now on all connections with both Gmail & Gcal will be https.

Nice to know.



1. Jason - July 11, 2007

thanks, a-del!

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