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Using an iPhone as a storage device without Apple’s help July 12, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Alternatives, iPhone, New Stuff.

Ecamm Network has just released a stop-gap solution for those iPhone owners hankering to store files onto their new gadget – even if there are perfectly good flash drives and iPods aplenty to do it on. Never mind that you won’t be able to actually see or even access the files on the iPhone itself, the fact that you can actually do it, use the iPhone as a 4GB or 8GB external drive, should be reason enough. I think.

Ecamm’s iPhoneDrive gets the drop on Apple on enabling this dubious ability on the iPhone for a paltry US$9.95 (try before you buy – demo available here). Connect your iPhone to your Mac (Windows users are SOL) and it appears as an external device you can drag-and-drop stuff onto, or as an alternative to dragging-and-dropping, provide you a toolbar where you can do the same thing the long way.

I predict this’ll be good for about two weeks to a month, or until Apple issues that initial update that’ll just enable this no-brainer feature on the OS. Then you can kiss your ten bucks goodbye.


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