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Hide your iPod in a Zune July 15, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Funnies, iPhone, iPods, Microsoft.

Now I’ve seen everything.

iPods and iPhones are popular targets for thieves, snatchers and muggers, and an enterprising company has figured out the best way to protect your Apple gear – hide it in a Zune!

These guys at Hide-A-Pod buy unwanted Microsoft Zunes from eBay, gut them and modify the case to accommodate an iPod or an iPhone so you can hide it in plain sight, without fear of theft.

The cases come in brown only (for more protection) and are available online for US$29.95 (although you’ll have to inform them of the model you plan to use with the Zune casing to make sure it’ll fit). There is a simple cable to connect to your Apple product to enable you to use it from within the case, and it comes with big truckloads of wonderfully sarcastic features, like a special “squirt” module you insert in the case and fill with liquid, so you can squirt unsuspecting folk from your “Zune”. Welcome to The Anti-Social indeed.

Hide-A-Pod is unique in that it sets a high watermark for protective technology while maintaining a high level of sarcasm. Check their site for more information, a FAQ and user testimonials. Microsoft loyalists and Zune lovers are advised to look at the fine print on the bottom of each page of the site.



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