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Unconfirmed hack: iPhone usable as a phone outside US? July 20, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Hacks, iPhone, Tips.

A TUAW reader claims to have found a way to get the iPhone‘s phone functions working (albeit with limitations) outside the United States.

Reader AJ in the UK says he was able to get his iPhone to make calls and send text under Vodaphone in the UK, although visual voicemail was still a bust.

Here’s how he claims to have done it: he got the AT&T SIM out of his iPhone and stuck it into an 02 XDA, brought the XDA to a Vodaphone store and had them add the phone to his existing Vodaphone contract. Upon getting back home he puts the AT&T SIM, now Vodaphone-complaint, back into the iPhone, uses the aforementioned iASign app to activate it, and voila!

The iPhone says the network is still AT&T, but it’s the Vodaphone account and number working. Ostensibly, this trick could work elsewhere in the world.

It’s a bit unclear why or how Vodaphone would tamper with an alien SIM at all, or how the altered SIM could help activate the phone functions of the protected-to-the-gills iPhone, but the TUAW reader claims it works. Hackers who are currently having sleepless nights trying to liberate the iPhone (now on Week Three – after claiming it would just be a matter of days before they’d succeed) are up in arms saying this is physically impossible. Other people have since tried, and failed.

It just might be a big hoax (and almost certainly is), but hope springs eternal. Let’s wait and see.

More details on The Unofficial Apple Blog.



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