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Oh yeah?? So’s yo’ Momma!! July 23, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in News, People, Steve Jobs.

Sony CEO and Chairman Howard Stringer called Apple CEO Steve Jobs “greedy” at an Allen & Co. media mogul event in Sun Valley, Idaho. At the event were Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos, Google‘s Sergei Brin and InterActiveCorp/Expedia‘s Barry Diller.

Attendees at the event said Stringer commented on stage that it’s funny that Jobs accuses record companies (like Stringer’s Sony-BMG) of greed because they want to get paid for music downloads. Stringer said Jobs is the “greedy” one because he wants a world where only Jobs makes money.


CNN‘s Anderson Cooper, who was moderating, quickly changed subjects, but Diller said “Anderson, you’re missing something here, Howard Stringer just called Steve Jobs greedy.” Anderson called out Stringer on his comment, but the Sony chief chickened out and backed off.


These rich folk have nothing better to do than call each other names.

More from Macworld UK.


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