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Stick ‘er where? July 24, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Oddities, People, Wala lang.

Is there some unspoken rule, some commandment tacitly understood and obeyed by all Mac users that the best place to put your white Apple sticker is in the lower right corner of your car’s rear window? Is this rule in fine print in the documentation that comes with the Mac that I didn’t read but obey instinctively, like the lemming that I am? Has there been some whispered conspiracy passed down from user to user that I never got wind of but am following anyway by sheer unconscious impulse?

I just find it odd that I come across the white sticker on cars all the time, either on the left or the right lower corner of the back window (sometimes on the upper corners, but not too often), but when I ask the car owners why they put it there (theorizing that it’s some secret code or practice of their particular MUG), they just say, nothing really, it just “felt” right.

I’ve put one on the same location on three or more cars that have passed through my hands – without being told. It looked particularly appropriate on my wife’s all-white Honda Civic hatchback, although at the time she couldn’t understand my partiality for Macs (she’s since come around). I saw a friend at the car wash this weekend and it was in his Mazda‘s rear lower left corner, and when I asked him about it, he just shrugged. Looks nice there, he said. The Kool Aid has some subtle side effects, don’t it?

Just curious, where do you guys put yours?



1. Arnold Gamboa - July 26, 2007

I’ve been wanting to. But every time I got a Mac product, I somehow lost the stickers. At least, the next time I buy a mac, I know where to place the stickers. 😉

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