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BrickPod July 30, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Apple Inc., Hardware, iPods, Security.

Apple has patented a technology which would brick an iPod if someone tries to operate it on an unauthorized computer.

Apple already has software that pairs iPods with the owners’ computers, and it would be a simple matter to put in something that would totally disable the unit by disallowing it to charge forever. When attached, a security code in the iPod would be matched to a code in the computer, and if they don’t match, kaboom. Or rather, pfft.

The patent states that a “guardian circuit” could be triggered when this happens which in turn would permanently disable the charging circuit. Then it’s brick time.

Cool if a thief steals your iPod and sells it, but what about if someone just wanted to get a file off your player in disk mode? Scary tech, if you ask me. See patent app here.


1. oasis1.online - August 10, 2007

iPod Charge Guard

In an attempt to help make iPod owners feel safe with their precious DAP, Apple has applied for a patent to help deter thieves from stealing iPods by not allowing it to charge unless paired with an authorized charger or computer.
Initially targ…

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