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What the XML?!? August 13, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Apple Inc., Apps, Microsoft, Updates & Patches.

A recent comment on one of the posts here from my friend and fellow P.W.I.T. Jason partly goes “…to hell with all those *.docx and *.xlsx and *.pptx files that people keep sending me.

Jason’s comment is characteristic of the dissatisfaction with the file format Microsoft is pushing as a standard with the introduction of the new version of Office. On Windows itself it’s been a little problematic, and its compatibility with other apps is spotty, and usually read-only. Development is dog-slow, and people are wondering why.

In particular Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit has been unable to release converters for its new formats to allow older versions of Apple’s suites to open Open XML files from Office 2007. A direct result of this difficulty has resulted in the pushing back of the release of the Mac version of the new Office suite to early 2008.

Lo and behold, it had to be Apple itself to break the logjam by being the one, a third party, to manage the feat ahead of Microsoft, the creator of the format. Mac support for Microsoft’s new format has come not from Microsoft, but from Apple, though iWork ’08, which can Open XML files made with Office 2007.

Talk about beating them at their own game.

More here.


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