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Mother of all bills August 20, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in iPhone, Issues, Video.

Most of us here in the Philippines lust after the iPhone, but we can at least be glad we don’t have to deal with some problems the Americans have been getting about using one. Like the big phone bills – not the fees, mind you. Literally, the big bills.

Much has been made of the incredibly detailed iPhone AT&T bills that users have been getting, some as many as 50-plus pages, but popular blogger Justine Ezarik‘s bill tops them all – it came in a box, all 300 pages of it. Apparently users can chose from three billing options – small (online), medium (summarized) or ginormous (itemized SMS, call and internet usage). Somehow some people are getting the boxed set, like Justine:

(Cross-posted from Mobile Philippines)



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