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Ok, ok, no more boxed bills August 24, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in iPhone, Issues.

Beginning next month, AT&T will just send summarized billing statements to its iPhone users instead of the previous practice of sending them. Every. Single. Detail. of their call, SMS and internet activity.

Recently, there was public outrage when iPhone users got their first bills in incredible, amazing, painstaking detail, on voluminous sheets of paper, some reaching over 300 double-sided pages (see previous MacADoodle post), and had to be shipped – in a box. The cost, wastefulness and overwhelming uselessness of this practice had people up in arms all over the net.

So beginning September, AT&T is abandoning this practice and will just send a summarized bill. AT&T said this decision has absolutely nothing to do with the hue and outcry that resulted from their excessive billing, they were going to do it anyway.

“This was something we had planned all along,” said AT&T Spokesperson Lauren Garner.

They said if you must have the special edition boxed set, you have to specifically request it now, otherwise you just get the Reader’s Digest condensed version like everybody else. If you insisted on it, they’d have to charge you US$1.99.

So there.



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