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The fat lady sings August 25, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Apple Inc., Hacks, iPhone, Steve Jobs.

It’s all over.

The boys at iPhoneSIMfree have won the Great Race. The definitive software unlock of the iPhone has finally been achieved. (Get a whiff of their smugness here.)

Meantime Engadget‘s got all the gory details, steps, videos and links over here.

We can expect a tsunami of new iPhone sales activity. With this development, there is now no reason for Apple to not release an official open-line iPhone, which they will likely start with for the Europe round of releases. (Which was the plan all along, I think.)

Meanwhile, the SOLness of AT&T is now total and complete, and his Steveness sits in the darkness of his office, face lit up by the glow of his prototype tablet Mac, quietly cackling to himself.

(Cross-posted from Mobile Philippines)



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