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Fearless forecasts …again September 5, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Apple Inc., Rumors.

The Apple media event is today (from my end I’m roughly a half-day ahead of where it’ll happen) and once again, us Macheads feel a compulsion to predict what might be announced.

It’s a damn silly thing to do, and we never learn and do it every single time. But it’s a major side-effect of the Kool Aid. We can’t help it. In a little over 12 hours it’ll happen, and it’ll be all over, and we will all be frantically going over the new pages on the Apple Store website or firing up Software Update, or go on our user forums and hyperbolize like idiots. But hours before, we bite our nails and endlessly speculate.

So I’m just going to get it out of my system and be done with it. Here is what I think.

It’s not too bad this time, a lot of stuff from the usual “reliable” sources are getting around. Nothing earthshaking, anyway. I feel that the fat nano is a no-brainer announcement, but what I hope for is the the 6G iPod, which seems to have more than a good chance of actually getting launched, whatever new stuff it may incorporate. Also, the [Product]Red shuffle, which seems a harmless guess. Maybe the official release date for Leopard, or a new iTunes update. Some folk (older than me, mostly) are hoping for a Beatles catalog up on the iTunes Store, but I can live without that (and besides, it might even be a Madonna thing, God forbid). Less likely is the iPhone nano nonsense, or a smaller MacBook or that tablet Mac everyone dreams about.

Or it could be absolutely none of these things, and, as Monty Python would put it, something completely different.

In a half-day from now, I’ll likely look like an idiot for even putting up this post, but I wouldn’t be a Machead if I didn’t.

I don’t mind. Whatever happens, it’s all good anyway. The beat does go on.

See you on the other side.



1. arie - September 5, 2007

It must really be a new iPod. The invite says THE BEAT GOES ON with CoverFlow in the background.

2. aldwin - September 5, 2007

i can’t wait to see new ipods!!! I hope whatever it is jobs will unveil, will be available right after the presentation.

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