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Aftermath September 6, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in New Stuff.

Event’s over. Whew. More words later. Pics first (cribbed from Engadget, who defied orders to turn off electronic devices during the event and photoblogged everything as it happened – get their full story here, and from Macworld here), and some monosyllabic commentary on them.

New iTunes. Ringtones.

Anticlimactic: The [Product]Red shuffle and the (not-so-ugly-after-all) fat nano were announced. No-brainers:

New iPod Classic – thinner; 80gb, 30 hours audio; 160 gb, 40 hours audio.

Aha! Knew it! iPod Touch!!! With wifi! Safari! YouTube! The Wifi iTunes Music Store! Shipping worldwide within the month!!! 8gb (US$299) and 16gb (US$399)!

And a …Starbucks partnership? Uhhhh …okay, if you say so, Steve.

Crushing news for those who just bought an 8gb iPhone: effective immediately, it’ll be priced at US$399 (as much as the new 16gb iPod Touch).

That’s it! Hangover commentary later.



1. Allan - September 7, 2007

thanks to these new iPods, most of my predictions for the DAP market for this year came true šŸ˜€ haha…thanks Apple šŸ™‚

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