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Touch my Bluetooth September 6, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Apple Store, Hardware, iPods, Steve Jobs.

Some eagle-eyed German Apple fans have divined a little detail on their webpage for the iPod Touch that Steve Jobs seems to have forgotten to mention – Bluetooth on the new player. This opens up a whole new Pringles can of worms (albeit good worms, to be sure). See the upper right hand corner of the pic above, that tiny little symbol beside the battery icon? Well, I’ll be damned.

One wonders why the Jobster forgot to announce it. Or maybe it was a feature they removed before the announcement, but someone forgot to tell the graphic artist setting up the website. Whatever. But like I keep saying, it’s all good.

See the pic in context on the German Apple site here. Then if you got time to kill, go through the other pics with a magnifying glass to see if there’s anything else we missed and tell us about it.


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[…] obvious “evidence” on Apple’s own sites (and reported everywhere on the net, even here), an Apple spokesman Boing Boing, uh, spoke to unequivocally says there is no Bluetooth of any kind […]

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