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Voicemail for everybody September 20, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Because You Can, Hacks, iPhone.

A casualty of unlocking iPhones is Visual Voicemail, which is carrier-dependent, but the industrious folk at the iPhone Dev Team have figured out a simple way to enable the Voicemail button on the phone.

It ain’t visual voicemail, but it works, and saves you folk the agony of having a button on the menu that doesn’t work (dunno about you guys, but that sorta thing drives me nuts).

Courtesy of Gizmodo, who’ve helpfully cut through the jargon, here are the summarized, simplified steps for the Average Joe With An Unlocked iPhone:

1. First, take note of what your voicemail number is with your current provider (for example, in Spain the Vodafone voicemail number is 177).
2. Click on the phone button in your iPhone.
3. Click on the keypad tab.
4. Tap the following code:


The xxx is the voicemail number, in our example it will read: *5005*86*177#

5. Tap call.
6. After a second, the code will have been set.
7. Tap now on the voicemail button and it will automatically call your usual voicemail service.

As usual, try it at your own risk.


1. berniej - September 20, 2007

Way cool! All I need now is an….. iPhone 😀

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