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The One September 27, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Alternatives, Announcements, Hardware, iMacs, The Other Side of the Fence.

It seems the fading Gateway still has some fight left in it. The former computer giant has unveiled its contender for the iMac throne with something Gateway calls, simply, One.

Tale of the tape:

  • 3.6″ thick all in all
  • 19-inch widescreen LCD
  • 2 models at US$1300/US$1800
  • 1.5GHz/2GHz Core 2 Duo
  • 2GB/3GB memory
  • 320gb/500gb hard drive
  • special online-only model at US$1500
  • all black front
  • metal shell
  • all cords and most ports out of sight (all on the power adapter)
  • side-mounted slot-loading DVD burner
  • no announced date of availability, but soon

Now call me silly, but doesn’t that look like something we all know?


1. chaepod - September 27, 2007

LOL… what a copy…

2. berniej - September 27, 2007

Gateway One, I dub thee “BabaluPC”

3. reverseengineer - September 27, 2007

@berniej – bwahahahaha

(our international readers won’t get it, but the Pinoys will!)

4. Jason - September 27, 2007

not bad at all, imho. i also like the hp touch-screen pc that’s all over the billboards and magazine pages recently. i think gateway did a good job of keeping to a similar form factor without producing a blatant rip-off. ditto for the hp model.

competition is good!

5. berniej - September 27, 2007

@reverseengineer: For the international readers, then I dub it “JayLenoPC”

6. reverseengineer - September 28, 2007

Or the Celine Dion Desktop.

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