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MacPic of The Day: Before & After September 26, 2007

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MacPics of The Day: Why when I have just two ears? September 24, 2007

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The pods in the Doodler‘s possession at the moment. (Yes, that’s my grubby hand.)

Roughly a quarter of a terabyte of storage right there. And six pairs of headsets. Somewhere.

Conspicuous by its absence is the original 5gb I bought when it first came out in 2001 (yes, I am a shameless early adopter), when all this iPod mania wasn’t even a gleam in Jobs’ eye. In a moment of weakness I sold it, as I eventually would a white, button-happy 4th Gen. Shoulda kept them. Hope to add a Touch to this handful someday.

Another view:

MacPic of The Day: Now what? September 23, 2007

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From PostSecret.

MacPic of The Day: All together now September 21, 2007

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What would happen if you simultaneously opened every single app on your Mac at once? Would it crash? Would it hang? Would it explode?

Someone named jeffseb tried it on a Macbook Pro that had a 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 3gb of DDR2 SDRAM by doing a Command-A on his Applications folder. It took 12 whole minutes (it took a bit long because some of the apps were trying to update from the web on startup), but the Macbook Pro managed it, and this it what it looked like:

I think of my IBM Thinkpad on Windows XP and the excruciating, molasses-slow agony it goes through just opening two apps. If you want a high-res version so you can peruse the screen in detail, click here. (Check out how many yellow triangles there are in the dock!)

MacPic of The Day September 17, 2007

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iPod with an iPhone error message.

Amazing how Apple can tweak the software so that Linux and other operating systems that don’t natively run iTunes are SOL where the new iPods are concerned, or tweak an app or hardware for the iPod so that it doesn’t compete with an iPhone and artificially and self-servingly segment the market (such as pulling out the ability to enter new events in iCal, or pull the Bluetooth out) — but are so lazy they can’t even seem to clean up the iPhone software code they’re recycling to use in the iPod.