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New Home October 1, 2007

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Full story here.

We’re moving! October 1, 2007

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Like I announced some time ago, Mac-A-Doodle is moving over to the Inquirer.net blogging network, although I didn’t say when. Well, I’m saying it now: that move is sometime today, October 1, 2007.

Later today, this WordPress blog at this URL will freeze, and commenting and posting will move over to this new URL:


Please copy it, save it, bookmark it. It’ll be up within today, and from here on in, you can get your Mac-A-Doodle noodles there.

Over there at Inquirer Bloggers, Mac-A-Doodle will still be the same old blog, with a little different look, but that’s about it. All the previous stuff has been exported there (or in the process of being), so it’s still the full, unabridged MAD. You can come back here and poke through the old stuff, but you might as well do it there anyway. Up to now it’s all been me, but maybe I’ll start asking guest bloggers to help out now and then. For variety and more refreshing points of view other than this old coot’s.

It’s an important milestone for this blog – just five-and-a-half months old, it moves into a new, bigger neighborhood. But October 1 also marks a personal milestone for me. Here’s why:

I’m pretty busy these days. I personally edit a couple of magazines directly (a monthly and a quarterly), and help out on a third one (a monthly too). Being in charge of the whole editorial department, I supervise twenty other titles in our company. I write up to twenty or more articles and columns for some of these titles as well, every month.

I also blog for several of our sites, administer a forum, and on the personal side I help moderate three others. I also have my own personal blog, which has lain fallow for the past few months precisely because I have no time to blog for it (which is one big continuing regret of mine that I still hope to fix.)

Aside from all of these I am also a Writing/Communications Consultant for a big PR firm and train their writers and evaluate and edit their work. This takes up the little time I have outside of my day job. When there is any time left at all, I try to write some fiction. Short stories, that sort of thing (Number of stories I finished this past year: zip.)

And then there’s Mac-A-Doodle.

MAD is a personal project, which I do for my own pleasure. My fanboyism needs an outlet. In the beginning I was ok, but it rapidly became inconsistent, and I wrote for it spottingly. I enjoyed it big-time-plenty, but life often got in the way.

Three months ago, ruing the fact that MAD was going the way of my personal blog – which is to say, nowhere fast – I resolved to write in Mac-A-Doodle every single day of the week. At least one post, more if possible, for at least three consecutive months. Three. Full. Months. A full quarter of a year. No matter how busy I was, no matter where I went, even if I wasn’t getting paid for it.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could put my nose to the grindstone for MAD, and keep it there and not come up for air. I didn’t think I could do it, but I was willing to try.

Whaddaya know. Today, I complete that three month goal. I did it. Not just a post a day, but often two, sometimes three, and on occasion four or five. Go back and look if you don’t believe me. Hey, I don’t believe me.

And it so happened that within this three-month jag, inquirer.net asked me to join them. I said, ok, lets make it formal on October 1, the day my three-month self-imposed struggle ends. Only it hasn’t really ended. It’s more like it’s just started. With a bigger audience, the pressure is equally bigger too. Hey, I don’t mind. I’ve found I can do it after all.

It’s just a URL/bookmark/feed change for most of you folk, but for me this change means a lot. As much as your continued patronage. Thanks for reading, doodlers. I hope you continue to doodle at the new site.

Let’s go!

MacPics of The Day: Why when I have just two ears? September 24, 2007

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The pods in the Doodler‘s possession at the moment. (Yes, that’s my grubby hand.)

Roughly a quarter of a terabyte of storage right there. And six pairs of headsets. Somewhere.

Conspicuous by its absence is the original 5gb I bought when it first came out in 2001 (yes, I am a shameless early adopter), when all this iPod mania wasn’t even a gleam in Jobs’ eye. In a moment of weakness I sold it, as I eventually would a white, button-happy 4th Gen. Shoulda kept them. Hope to add a Touch to this handful someday.

Another view:

MacADoodleTransfer September 22, 2007

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Not quite Mac-related news, but important just the same:

I’d like to just announce that MacADoodle is joining the Inquirer.Net blog network soon, and it’ll put this little Mac blog within the reach of a much wider audience, not just that lovable little enclave of Mac fanatics (and bashers) who currently read it today.

The Inquirer.Net website is the largest news portal in my country, with 1.8 million uniques and 25 million pageviews a month from across the world. It’s the online presence of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the largest and most influential newspaper we have here, but it’s much more than just a digital version of the newspaper. It has its own writers and staff, and more updated, dynamic content than the paper itself.

We’re currently exporting the archives and testing the waters at the moment, and we’ll make a formal turnover soon. This is basically just a heads-up, so you know what’s happened if this site stops updating all of a sudden. Even with the transfer, it’ll largely be the same old site, maybe with a few new features and a slightly different look, so don’t worry. Anyway, I’ll make sure you guys know the new URL and feed for MacADoodle as soon as it firms up, but for now, monkey business as usual.

I’d just like to say too that MacADoodle is proud that Inquirer.Net asked us to join their network. I hope this is the start of something bigger and better. A big MacADoodle Slobbering Thank You in advance to the site and to Mr. JV Rufino and Mr. Joey Alarilla, both rabid Mac users themselves (Joey’s just got on the boat, actually, and he’s been scratching his head saying to himself, where has the Mac been all my life?)

Anyway, yun lang po.

Happy Three-month-sary! July 16, 2007

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Wouldn’t you know it? Checked my calendar and found out that this blog celebrated a quarter-year anniversary yesterday. We’re three months old! Who’da thunk it? Just three months? Seems like I’ve been doing it forever. Hope we last another three.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Spun July 14, 2007

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Hee hee.

Spin.com, the website of music mag Spin, a site which I read, respect and love, quoted me on a story they did on Apple‘s Next Big Thing initiative on the iTunes Stone.

Nothing really. Cheap thrill. In my native language, kilig. Just thought I’d mention it.

Buzzed out loud! July 6, 2007

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Coolness. Just thought to mention that I was mentioned on Buzz Out Loud, CNet’s Podcast of Indeterminate Length, Episode #509 for July 3.

Sent them a quick email the other day about my friend who activated the iPhone here in Manila, and figured they might want to report on it, and the next day it was there, a short mention near the end. Nice and quick. Being a long-time fan, I was thrilled to be part of the show in my small way. I used to work in FM radio for nearly two decades and have hosted my share of talkshows and podcasts too, and I feel a kinship with these kooks.

Gave me a spike in hits too, since they posted a link to this site on their Show Notes page. Hee hee hee. Wala lang.

Thanks, Tom, Molly and Veronica (Jason too)!