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Digg dugg June 9, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Net Stuff.
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Just wanted to drop a line to comment on the power of Digg.

Simple, unsuspecting little blogs and sites are often bludgeoned into virtual unconsciousness if something on there gets on Digg, often resulting in the site getting yanked off for bandwidth allocation violations or getting dunked in a vat of internet molasses where everything just crawls.

I mention this because one of the posts of this site was just mentioned in a comment on a story that got dugg (just a tiny mention in a comment, mind you – not even actually being Digged itself), and it gets an overwhelming spike in number of visits for that day. I don’t even use SEO tactics for this blog (I’m not in it for monetization; at least not yet, heh heh), and I don’t much care yet if I get a gazillion readers or not. I don’t even use blog cuts to split a long post to artificially increase my hits. I just do my thing, y’know. The three or four people who look at this site now and then are good enough for me.

But this spike makes me think.

Wala lang.