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What’s next? September 27, 2007

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It seems the MacPic in the previous post is prophetic; I was even idly ruminating about it as I was posting it. I own a working Newton Messagepad, and know first-hand how great it was way back when, even if it wasn’t its time yet.

And lo and behold, on the same day, AppleInsider‘s brought up the notion that next in line in the Jobs Saga is a new Newton, built on what has been, and what’s new. Given that, this Apple PDA rumor I sorta give a lot of credence to.

The hardware groundwork is there. The apps are there. The new OS is up to it. Multi-touch is begging for something meatier than a phone. They’ve done PDAs before. Steve has even hinted and clearly, and on record, alluded to it as something they’ve made but not yet released. What’s not to believe?


MacADoodleTransfer September 22, 2007

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Not quite Mac-related news, but important just the same:

I’d like to just announce that MacADoodle is joining the Inquirer.Net blog network soon, and it’ll put this little Mac blog within the reach of a much wider audience, not just that lovable little enclave of Mac fanatics (and bashers) who currently read it today.

The Inquirer.Net website is the largest news portal in my country, with 1.8 million uniques and 25 million pageviews a month from across the world. It’s the online presence of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the largest and most influential newspaper we have here, but it’s much more than just a digital version of the newspaper. It has its own writers and staff, and more updated, dynamic content than the paper itself.

We’re currently exporting the archives and testing the waters at the moment, and we’ll make a formal turnover soon. This is basically just a heads-up, so you know what’s happened if this site stops updating all of a sudden. Even with the transfer, it’ll largely be the same old site, maybe with a few new features and a slightly different look, so don’t worry. Anyway, I’ll make sure you guys know the new URL and feed for MacADoodle as soon as it firms up, but for now, monkey business as usual.

I’d just like to say too that MacADoodle is proud that Inquirer.Net asked us to join their network. I hope this is the start of something bigger and better. A big MacADoodle Slobbering Thank You in advance to the site and to Mr. JV Rufino and Mr. Joey Alarilla, both rabid Mac users themselves (Joey’s just got on the boat, actually, and he’s been scratching his head saying to himself, where has the Mac been all my life?)

Anyway, yun lang po.

Send in the clones September 21, 2007

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The first contender for the iPhone throne has been unveiled. Or at least what it would look like it if had been.

At the Intel Developers Forum (Fall 07)’s ultramobility keynote today, Intel revealed a hybrid handheld PC/phone running on their new low-cost, low-power Moorestown platform (the more highly integrated successor to the Silverthorne chipset they’re still developing), that looks suspiciously like a stretched-out something we all know.

Actually, this is a mock-up of something that the Moorestown chip might be useful for (like iPhones), and the iPhone-ish-ness of the phony device is intentional. But it does give us a clue to where all this stuff Apple started is going to go.

Hmm. Well, all’s fair in love and tech development.

More pics and details from AnandTech.

TeeVee Freebies September 19, 2007

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Those of you with iTunes Store accounts have probably made it a weekly habit to harvest free songs and videos from the store, but this week it’s an especially interesting haul.

Aside from the usual free songs, this week you can get for free the third season premiere episode of Prison Break, the pilot episode of K-Ville (a cop show set in post-Katrina New Orleans), and the pre-air pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory (a half-hour comedy about two geeks who live beside a pretty girl they can’t seem to get to know).

As usual, the free stuff doesn’t hang around the store forever, so go get them while they’re hot, along with the other free stuff you can find on in there.

iPod Touch unboxing September 15, 2007

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Apparently the things are on Apple Store shelves already, and our colleagues at AppleInsider have scored an early 16gb unit and did an Unpack pictorial.

For those among us who immensely enjoyed the downloadable Features Guide we previously posted about, this is way better. Apparently the box is smaller than the iPhone‘s (as is the unit itself), and comes with a picture of Corrine Bailey Rae on it (which is just fine where the Doodler is concerned – she’s a favorite).

MacADoodle hopes to get its unit next week and do something similar, but you can see AppleInsider’s first look here.

Guitar Hero III comes to the Mac! September 13, 2007

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Shred heaven!

Aspyr and Activision have announced that Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock will be released for the Mac (ok, ok, for the PC too) this fall. It’s no longer console-exclusive, and if you load it on a Macbook, you can shred on the road – it’s the first portable version of Guitar Hero ever.

From the official announcement:

Being developed and published exclusively by Aspyr, the PC and Mac versions will match their console counterparts with explosive new content and features including a multiplayer action-inspired battle mode, grueling boss battles, a host of exclusive unlockable content and visually stunning rock venues. With more than 70 songs in the set list, and more original master tracks than ever before, players will be able to shred from many of the freshest and hottest artists today, along with many of the most popular rock songs ever recorded. Expanded online multiplayer game modes will also allow PC and Mac enthusiasts to rip head-to-head against players around the world and across either platform, raising the level of competition for true legendary rock status.

Meet the new gang September 6, 2007

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch… September 6, 2007

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Fresh on the iTunes Store, minutes after the event:

Gotta sleep. It’s 2:30am here, man.

Aftermath September 6, 2007

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Event’s over. Whew. More words later. Pics first (cribbed from Engadget, who defied orders to turn off electronic devices during the event and photoblogged everything as it happened – get their full story here, and from Macworld here), and some monosyllabic commentary on them.

New iTunes. Ringtones.

Anticlimactic: The [Product]Red shuffle and the (not-so-ugly-after-all) fat nano were announced. No-brainers:

New iPod Classic – thinner; 80gb, 30 hours audio; 160 gb, 40 hours audio.

Aha! Knew it! iPod Touch!!! With wifi! Safari! YouTube! The Wifi iTunes Music Store! Shipping worldwide within the month!!! 8gb (US$299) and 16gb (US$399)!

And a …Starbucks partnership? Uhhhh …okay, if you say so, Steve.

Crushing news for those who just bought an 8gb iPhone: effective immediately, it’ll be priced at US$399 (as much as the new 16gb iPod Touch).

That’s it! Hangover commentary later.

Beautiful site II September 6, 2007

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The other thing we can’t get enough of: