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New Home October 1, 2007

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Full story here.

Breaking news: new iPhone update released; relocks errant phones! September 28, 2007

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The new iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 has been released, and reports are trickling in that it does disable third-party apps, and makes users undergo a second reactivation procedure that requires a genuine AT&T SIM chip. Lots of folk are getting “Incorrect SIM” errors. Ayayay! It looks like it’s back to the drawing board!

It’s a carrot-and-stick thing: the new features from the firmware update are tempting to get, but the price you have to pay is enormous. The only solution seems to be: don’t update then. Sit and wait. More news when we get it.

(Via Engadget)

UPDATE: Detailed, updated, and dismaying testing reports on Gizmodo. * bites nails *

World’s most expensive shuffle September 4, 2007

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I thought the whole point of the shuffle was to make the most affordable, minimalist digital music player around, but apparently some folk think otherwise.

See the Heyerdahl special edition diamond-encrusted, pink and white gold iPod shuffle called the iDiamond. Currently on display in Oslo until October 1, the not-for-sale, one-of-a-kind digital music player’s casing andĀ  earbuds are made of white and pink gold and are studded with 430 diamonds (they’d have fitted it with more, I think, but it was too small.) It’s currently valued at US$41,000, or almost PHP1.9M.

Would be a mighty shame to load this up with pirated MP3.

More details here.

You can run, but you can’t hide… August 28, 2007

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The Herald Sun of Australia (“Australia’s biggest-selling daily newspaper”) recently made a major error on a news item about “Microsoft’s new iPhone”, and was outed by Digg. The Herald Sun promptly pulled the item so that when you clicked on the link all you got was a Page Not Found error.

Well, they should be more thorough about boo-boos like these. People always have ways of finding you out. Being cached by search engines is one big loophole, but being cached on your own site’s search engine really takes the cake:


Lennon on iTunes August 18, 2007

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First it was Paul, now John. It seems the Apple Wars are about over, as late Beatle John Lennon‘s solo work is made available for commercial download on the iTunes Store, and paving the way for the Beatles’ catalogue to eventually be available on the service.

The long-standing feud between Steve Jobs and the Fab Four stem from the Apple trademark, which both use: Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) vs. Apple Corps the record label. The legal dispute was settled six months ago, and Paul McCartney tested the waters by releasing some of his solo material on iTunes three months later. Now John Lennon’s solo material is on there as well, available in both Fairplay and iTunes Plus formats, plus several old music videos of his.

There’s more. Beginning Aug.28, Ringo Starr‘s solo work will also be available on iTunes as well, leaving only George Harrison‘s music as the last remaining sticking point (Harrison’s material has been unavailable online ever since), and of course, the collective Beatles library.

New stuff next week? August 1, 2007

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Apple is sending out invitations to press in the United States for an event at the Apple Town Hall in Cupertino – for a “product presentation for Mac” on August 7.

Ooh. Methinks it’ll be that aluminum iMac. Dare we hope for a 12″ MacBook Pro? Or a tablet Mac?

Can’t wait for Tuesday.

No stars for you! July 31, 2007

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Last week Energy Star, which is a joint program of the US Enviromental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy to help save energy and protect the environment, released a new set of guidelines for Energy Star certification for computers that went into effect July 20. These guidelines push for energy-efficient power supplies, efficient standby modes, inclusion of power management and provision of user education about these features.

It’s worth nothing that none of Apple’s computers meet the new requirements. Not a one. At least Dell has three models that do, and most of those that already comply are from Lenovo and Gateway. In total only 125 laptops and desktop models meet the new requirements at the moment.

Not to worry though. Manufacturers have until January to comply so that they can earn the Energy Star label for their computers. It’s just a bit disturbing that other manufacturers are on the ball about this, while Apple, with its recent green posturing, was caught with with its pants down.

If you’re at all interested in the details, get a spreadsheet of the compliant and non-compliant manufacturers here.

Shocking news July 30, 2007

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A recently completed survey by the Eagle Research Group found out that 70% of Zune users surveyed are not happy with their players and intend to switch to either an iPod or to an iPhone as soon as their service contract expires.

36% said that had they known Apple was coming out with the iPhone they never would have purchased a Zune. Also of note is that 3% of the survey respondents were either employees or contractors of Microsoft.

Imagine that.

Batt out of hell July 28, 2007

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A Japanese couple’s Mac burst into flames at their Osaka home last April, scorching the husband’s finger, which caused his wife, poor thing, such distress that she had to seek medical help.

Of course they had to sue. Now Apple Japan and Sony are being sued for 2 million yen (nearly US$17k) in the first-ever legal case for Sony over the notorious Sony-made battery fiasco which has resulted in the recall of 1.8M Apple laptop batteries, and a total of nearly 10M batteries from Dell, Lenovo and other vendors as well sold from 2003 to 2006.

It has since been determined that tiny metal particles left in the batteries could cause them to short circuit, and there has been a massive effort to recall the batteries since the problem was discovered. Story here.

Meantime the Japanese gentleman’s finger has presumably healed since and his wife has likely calmed down over this outrage, but the litigation is just beginning over at theĀ  Osaka District Court. 2 million yen will certainly buy lots of iPhones.

Mac Bits July 25, 2007

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In the absence of major stories (not that we ever have much lately, outside of the iPhone noise), here is smattering of various items in no particular order of importance or relevance to life:

  • Apple‘s made a listing of tips to help improve the iPhone battery life, in an effort to smooth ruffled feathers over the blunt and hamhanded way Apple told everyone the bad news about the battery replacement policy. See the page here.
  • The intrepid folk at irc.osx86.hu have figured out how to enable ssh on the iPhone without using restore mode, and this has been done by overwriting an existing binary blah blah blah blah blah blah. What this means is you can access your iPhone from a shell on your Mac, which lets you send or retrieve files blah blah blah blah blah. The upshot is we’re closer to getting total control over the iPhone, which is always a good thing. Details on TUAW, if you care at all.
  • A hacker made a program that runs on an iPhone that says “Hello World”. Whoopee! This is a good thing because it’s the first non-native app made by an Apple outsider for the iPhone, and proves that it can be done. The world awaits. More on Ars Technica.
  • There is no real direct relationship with Macs and Apple with this bit other than the people who make the show use Macs to do it, Mac users love the show, and lots of Mac users also play World of Warcraft, which is why this is being mentioned at all: the South Park episode “Make Love Not Warcraft” has been nominated for an Emmy Award, marking one of the few times explosive diarrhea has been shown graphically in a nominated program. Cool news from Kotaku.