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The Real Fake Steve Jobs August 6, 2007

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One of the longest running in-jokes on the internet has finally come to an end.

Fake Steve Jobs, the blogger who pretends to be Steve and skewers all things Apple and tech on The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, has finally been unmasked by some killjoys.

He is Forbes Magazine senior editor Daniel Lyons, 46, from Boston.

“I’m stunned that it took this long,” Lyons-Jobs said about his unmasking.

It’s the end of an era. Or at least, a 14-month fun ride.

More from the killjoy newspaper The New York Times.

All right, where’d you hide the real John C. Dvorak? July 27, 2007

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Oh. My. God. I never thought I’d live to see the day.

Stick ‘er where? July 24, 2007

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Is there some unspoken rule, some commandment tacitly understood and obeyed by all Mac users that the best place to put your white Apple sticker is in the lower right corner of your car’s rear window? Is this rule in fine print in the documentation that comes with the Mac that I didn’t read but obey instinctively, like the lemming that I am? Has there been some whispered conspiracy passed down from user to user that I never got wind of but am following anyway by sheer unconscious impulse?

I just find it odd that I come across the white sticker on cars all the time, either on the left or the right lower corner of the back window (sometimes on the upper corners, but not too often), but when I ask the car owners why they put it there (theorizing that it’s some secret code or practice of their particular MUG), they just say, nothing really, it just “felt” right.

I’ve put one on the same location on three or more cars that have passed through my hands – without being told. It looked particularly appropriate on my wife’s all-white Honda Civic hatchback, although at the time she couldn’t understand my partiality for Macs (she’s since come around). I saw a friend at the car wash this weekend and it was in his Mazda‘s rear lower left corner, and when I asked him about it, he just shrugged. Looks nice there, he said. The Kool Aid has some subtle side effects, don’t it?

Just curious, where do you guys put yours?

Oh yeah?? So’s yo’ Momma!! July 23, 2007

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Sony CEO and Chairman Howard Stringer called Apple CEO Steve Jobs “greedy” at an Allen & Co. media mogul event in Sun Valley, Idaho. At the event were Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos, Google‘s Sergei Brin and InterActiveCorp/Expedia‘s Barry Diller.

Attendees at the event said Stringer commented on stage that it’s funny that Jobs accuses record companies (like Stringer’s Sony-BMG) of greed because they want to get paid for music downloads. Stringer said Jobs is the “greedy” one because he wants a world where only Jobs makes money.


CNN‘s Anderson Cooper, who was moderating, quickly changed subjects, but Diller said “Anderson, you’re missing something here, Howard Stringer just called Steve Jobs greedy.” Anderson called out Stringer on his comment, but the Sony chief chickened out and backed off.


These rich folk have nothing better to do than call each other names.

More from Macworld UK.

Breaking News: Veronica Belmont leaving CNet! July 11, 2007

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I’m crushed. One of my favorite tech journalists and podcast hosts, Veronica Belmont, is leaving her home of three years, CNet, to join Jason Calacanis’ new firm Mahalo to do a daily video thing. I saw it on Digg and followed the link to Robert Scoble’s blog that said PC Mag‘s EIC Jim Louderback is leaving the magazine to join Revision3 as their CEO, and mentioned Veronica’s departure as a related bit of info. Didn’t want to believe it, but I guess Veronica is beating everyone to the punch: I found she just left a message that it is all true on her Pownce account, and follows it up with a entry on her blog.

Buzz Out Loud will never be the same.

Oh, well.

Famous Last Words: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer six months ago July 4, 2007

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Jeez. As Bugs Bunny once said: What a maroon.

Mac Guy refuses a free iPhone July 3, 2007

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Justin Long, the young actor we all know as the Mac Guy, turned down an offer of a free iPhone from Apple, saying that he’s afraid he won’t know how to use it.

Apparently Long isn’t as tech-savvy as his loved-or-hated Mac commercial character would have us believe, and he freely admits it. In a recent newspaper profile and interview in connection with his forthcoming appearance in the Bruce Willis epic Die Hard 4.0, he says he knows how to download music off the internet and can just barely run iTunes, but that’s about it. “I’m really, really bad with gadgets and any kind of computer thing.”

Long plays a computer expert against Willis’s Luddite cop character John McClane, but the truth is apparently reversed in real life, where Willis is the tech guy and rabid Mac fanboy. “And the funny thing is, Bruce knows far more about computers than I do and was always on the computer, working the webcam,” he said in the interview. John Hodgman (left), who plays the PC Guy, is an acknowledged techhead in real life as well.

Getting a hacker role in DH4 certainly won’t help his image. People often come up to him and try to get tech advice that he can’t answer. “It always takes me a couple seconds to adjust to the fact that I’m in the Mac commercials, and they really, genuinely think that I am also like an expert,” said the 29-year-old actor we know best as Warren Cheswick in Ed and the brother in Jeepers Creepers.

He’s a better actor than we give him credit for. Read more in the Washington Post interview.

Time 100 – The final score May 5, 2007

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Update on the Time 100 Most Influential People post:

The votes are in, and Team Apple did ok, although it just missed getting into the Top 10 by a hair.

Steve Jobs came in at #11, after Bono and before Jon Stewart. Another Jon, Jonathan Ive, came in at #30. Not bad.

Then again, I don’t know about the credibility of a list that puts Sanjaya Malakar at #3, and Korean R&B band Rain at #1. Huh? For reference, game designer Shigeru Miyamoto was #9, and Borat, AKA Sacha Baron Cohen, was #25.

Bill Gates was #35.

Full list here.

True Tech Stories May 3, 2007

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As Editor-in-Chief of Mobile Philippines and former EIC of PC Magazine Philippines (yes, Mac fanboy, I was – don’t shoot me), I feel keenly about honesty and integrity in doing reviews. It’s a tough balancing act, believe me. But no compromises if push comes to shove.

The award-winning 12-year-running Editor-in-Chief of PC World Magazine in the United States, Harry McCracken, resigned yesterday over disagreements with his publishers regarding stories that criticize advertisers, according to Wired. Apparently McCracken’s boss, CEO Colin Crawford, killed a story still in draft form because it was criticizing a client. McCracken wouldn’t hear of it and resigned. Bravo!

So why is this story of the PC World editor quitting his job in a Mac blog?

The story that was killed was Ten Things We Hate About Apple.


The story was supposedly “light fare, just really innocuous stuff. The same kinds of things that people have said about Apple before — things that teased Steve Jobs,” according to the Wired source. The backstory gets even more interesting. Crawford, who has just been with PC World for a month, was former CEO of MacWorld (which is part of IDG, the same company that also owns PC World), and according to other sources, back then was called up by Steve Jobs every time there was a story critical of Apple. The plot thickens.

I don’t really know what to make of this yet; all I know is it’s sobering to see the dark and ugly side of our little world.

iDols April 24, 2007

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Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive are in the top ten of the shortlist for Time Magazine‘s 100 most influential people of the year. This being a Mac/Apple blog, I don’t think I need to explain who these two guys are and why they are on the list.

It’s interesting to note Ive’s influence on design globally; the man responsible, as Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design, for the Apple look and feel evinced by the iPods, iMacs and the forthcoming iPhone, among other things. It’s also interesting to note that at the moment Ive is ahead of Jobs in the list, garnering an average reader rating of 89/100 in terms of importance.

Time Magazine’s annual listing creates a 200-person shortlist, and as it stands as of this writing, Ive is #7 coming right before Bono and after J.K. Rowling. Jobs is #10 after Angelina Jolie and before Warren Buffet. No. 1 is Stephen Colbert, for now.

By the time you check, though, the list will have adjusted and the positions moved. The final list is still in flux, and we’ll know the actual rankings in two weeks. In the meantime you can monitor the list and vote by going to the Time Magazine website.