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iFree April 26, 2007

Posted by reverseengineer in Apple TV, iPhone.
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Contrary to concerns that, for the iPhone, Apple will also start collecting small payments for software upgrades, feature enabling and add-ons that used to come free (like the two bucks they charged to enable the 802.11n feature in shipped Macs), it ain’t true. You can rest easy.

All later software upgrades and feature enabling for the forthcoming iPhone will be free of charge. More importantly, “new software features and entirely new applications” will likewise be free. As if we needed another reason to buy one when it comes out. Early adopters rejoice!

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced this for the iPhone (and the Apple TV) during the quarterly conference call done yesterday. “We hope the result will be to surprise and delight our iPhone customers,” he said. Which is about as far as he went; in true Apple fashion, no word on what these free features and applications will actually be.

Great. So release it already, durnit!