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TeeVee Freebies September 19, 2007

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Those of you with iTunes Store accounts have probably made it a weekly habit to harvest free songs and videos from the store, but this week it’s an especially interesting haul.

Aside from the usual free songs, this week you can get for free the third season premiere episode of Prison Break, the pilot episode of K-Ville (a cop show set in post-Katrina New Orleans), and the pre-air pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory (a half-hour comedy about two geeks who live beside a pretty girl they can’t seem to get to know).

As usual, the free stuff doesn’t hang around the store forever, so go get them while they’re hot, along with the other free stuff you can find on in there.

Touch my Bluetooth September 6, 2007

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Some eagle-eyed German Apple fans have divined a little detail on their webpage for the iPod Touch that Steve Jobs seems to have forgotten to mention – Bluetooth on the new player. This opens up a whole new Pringles can of worms (albeit good worms, to be sure). See the upper right hand corner of the pic above, that tiny little symbol beside the battery icon? Well, I’ll be damned.

One wonders why the Jobster forgot to announce it. Or maybe it was a feature they removed before the announcement, but someone forgot to tell the graphic artist setting up the website. Whatever. But like I keep saying, it’s all good.

See the pic in context on the German Apple site here. Then if you got time to kill, go through the other pics with a magnifying glass to see if there’s anything else we missed and tell us about it.

Meet the new gang September 6, 2007

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch… September 6, 2007

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Fresh on the iTunes Store, minutes after the event:

Gotta sleep. It’s 2:30am here, man.

Beautiful site September 6, 2007

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Am monitoring the Apple Event. Can’t breathe. Updates later.

Lots and lots of windows open on the iMac, but one has the prettiest sights ever seen on the internet, which we can never get enough of and should see more often.

It’s this one:

Refurb iPhones August 21, 2007

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The Apple Store is now reselling Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones (in my country this qualifies as an ukay-ukay iPhone) at US$100 less than the brand-new price. That’s approximately 20% off, at US$399 and US$499 for the 4 and 8GB units respectively, complete with a year’s warranty.

The question now is, what was wrong with these units in the first place, that had them returned and refurbished just seven weeks after release?

Customer dissatisfaction? High-impact encounter with a cement floor? Shattered screen? Or worse yet, factory defects – a dead batt? iPhone dead strip?

Whatever the reason, it’s too soon methinks.