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Mum Tuesday: the UK iPhone September 18, 2007

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The Apple Event in Regent Street’s done, and we’re basically underwhelmed. Just the rollout announcement of the iPhone for the UK. No earthshakers, no surprises, no open-line 3G units. Here are the uh, high points:

  • O2 is the official sucker carrier
  • Rollout will be on November 9
  • 8GB iPhones will cost approx US$535
  • You can transfer your existing number from other carriers
  • Same banana – use iTunes to activate, update
  • Nothing new – no 16gb, no 3g, no open lines, no nothin’
  • No news on carriers for other European countries

Ho-hum. For a more detailed coverage, check out Engadget.

See for yourself September 6, 2007

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See yesterday’s Apple Event for yourself through streaming video from the Apple site. Click here.

Sept. 5 rumor: (Product)Red shuffle? August 31, 2007

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It’s happened before, so why not?

A special iPod nano was released as a part of the (Product)Red initiative, where red-colored and -themed products of all sorts where introduced and sold, with a portion of all sales going to a charity. US$10 from the sale of each red nano went to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

Now rumors are circulating that a red 2G shuffle will be released at the confirmed Apple event on Sept. 5. Cool, but the thunder of this might be diminished a bit by Apple’s earlier release of colored 2g shuffles (of which the orange became a minor cult favorite). Still and all, I’d get a red shuffle if I could. Would be nice.

A red iPhone would be even nicer though.

One more thing… August 25, 2007

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There’ll be a major Apple event on September 5 (at least that’s what Ars Technica is convinced will happen), and the likely agenda will be to announce the already-leaked new iPod nano, the short, fat one you’ve seen on the net, the one that looks like a small Blackberry with a facelift. The fact that Apple’s Department of Legal Bullies asked Gizmodo to take their spy shots down practically confirms it as the real thing.

Lending credence to this is the fact that the original nano was announced around this time two years ago (Sept. 7). Hope springs eternal as other pundits speculate that the long-rumored iPhone nano might also be part of the agenda.

WWDC 2007 Keynote Live audio stream June 11, 2007

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Just wanted to give you guys a link to a live audio stream of the WWDC Keynote address later from iPhone Alley. It starts at 1 AM, Tuesday, June 12 Manila Time (June 11, 10AM US Pacific DST). It’s an experimental thing, and if it fails, there’s always text-based live coverage on MacRumorsLive.

Stay up. Go listen. You know you want to.

Hell Freezes Over: Bill & Steve Live! May 31, 2007

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – no introductions needed – take the stage together at D 2007: All Things Digital – The Wall Street Journal Executive Conference at the Four Seasons Resort in Carlsbad. Coverage and video over at Engadget and Macworld. History in the making.