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New Home October 1, 2007

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Full story here.

MacADoodleTransfer September 22, 2007

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Not quite Mac-related news, but important just the same:

I’d like to just announce that MacADoodle is joining the Inquirer.Net blog network soon, and it’ll put this little Mac blog within the reach of a much wider audience, not just that lovable little enclave of Mac fanatics (and bashers) who currently read it today.

The Inquirer.Net website is the largest news portal in my country, with 1.8 million uniques and 25 million pageviews a month from across the world. It’s the online presence of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the largest and most influential newspaper we have here, but it’s much more than just a digital version of the newspaper. It has its own writers and staff, and more updated, dynamic content than the paper itself.

We’re currently exporting the archives and testing the waters at the moment, and we’ll make a formal turnover soon. This is basically just a heads-up, so you know what’s happened if this site stops updating all of a sudden. Even with the transfer, it’ll largely be the same old site, maybe with a few new features and a slightly different look, so don’t worry. Anyway, I’ll make sure you guys know the new URL and feed for MacADoodle as soon as it firms up, but for now, monkey business as usual.

I’d just like to say too that MacADoodle is proud that Inquirer.Net asked us to join their network. I hope this is the start of something bigger and better. A big MacADoodle Slobbering Thank You in advance to the site and to Mr. JV Rufino and Mr. Joey Alarilla, both rabid Mac users themselves (Joey’s just got on the boat, actually, and he’s been scratching his head saying to himself, where has the Mac been all my life?)

Anyway, yun lang po.

One Million Served September 11, 2007

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As of Sept. 10, 74 days after the initial release.

Jobs says the iPod took two years to hit a mil.

The Real Fake Steve Jobs August 6, 2007

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One of the longest running in-jokes on the internet has finally come to an end.

Fake Steve Jobs, the blogger who pretends to be Steve and skewers all things Apple and tech on The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, has finally been unmasked by some killjoys.

He is Forbes Magazine senior editor Daniel Lyons, 46, from Boston.

“I’m stunned that it took this long,” Lyons-Jobs said about his unmasking.

It’s the end of an era. Or at least, a 14-month fun ride.

More from the killjoy newspaper The New York Times.

3 billion served; celebrate with an update August 3, 2007

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Apple’s iTunes Store sold its 3,000,000,000th song last week, which is phenomenal to say the least, and holds the distinction of being the 3rd largest retailer of music in the US. Not bad for selling songs tingi (as they say in my country), or piecemeal/cut-by-cut, as opposed to by album.

In honor of the occasion (or not), Apple has released iTunes 7.3.2. today:

With iTunes 7.3, you can now activate iPhone service and sync it with your music, TV shows, movies and more. Also, you can now wirelessly share and enjoy your favorite digital photos from any computer in your home with Apple TV. iTunes 7.3.2 provides bug fixes to improve stability and performance.

Fire up Software Update in OS X or the Apple Software Update app for Windows. The new version is a 33MB download for Macs, or 56.87MB for Windows users, depending on your current setup.

Steve serves Michael a really cold one July 29, 2007

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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

– Klingon proverb

In 1997 at the Gartner Symposium and IT Expo in Orlando, Michael Dell, founder and CEO of the company that bears his name, was asked what he’d do if he was in charge of Apple Computer. Dell said sarcastically, “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.”

After a month, Steve Jobs fired back: “We’re coming after you, you’re in our sights.”

It took Steve almost a decade, but early last year, Apple’s market value passed Dell’s, from Apple’s $72,132,428,843 vs. Dell’s $71,970,702,760 at market close of January 13, 2006.

As of market close yesterday, Apple Inc.’s value is officially double that of Dell Inc.: US$127.8 billion to US$63.65 billion.

Cold enough for you, Mike?

All right, where’d you hide the real John C. Dvorak? July 27, 2007

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Oh. My. God. I never thought I’d live to see the day.

Nike + iPod wins an award July 21, 2007

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Nike and Apple‘s partnership for the Nike + iPod Sport Kit has won the 2007 Consumer Products Bronze International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), which is a set of awards honoring the best in, er, design.

This year it’s the only Apple product in the honor roll. More from the IDEA site.

Happy Three-month-sary! July 16, 2007

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Wouldn’t you know it? Checked my calendar and found out that this blog celebrated a quarter-year anniversary yesterday. We’re three months old! Who’da thunk it? Just three months? Seems like I’ve been doing it forever. Hope we last another three.

Happy Anniversary to us!

One Million Served July 7, 2007

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Waitingforiphone.com reports that AT&T has activated one million iPhones since the release last June 29, a little less than a week ago, according to an unnamed but reliable source from within AT&T. This, despite all the difficulties with activation reported by many users. The same source also said that Apple was a pain to work with, being so secretive that they released the activation API to AT&T on the day of the launch. Full details here.